Differences between habit, behavior, attitude, personality and character of a person

Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of no where, in a broad day light; All you can see till the very end of your eyes potential, is a mirage at the farthest circumference with you at its center. You start to walk forward, trying to engage your senses to full throttle. Your eyes start to vaguely pick some illusive bed, at some distance from you. 

You start to focus your complete attention to it and walk towards the misty bed. You are now really into the mystery solving thing; you start pondering about the strange weirdness in your ambiance, forgetting to think about, why you are there in the first place!(THE HABIT).

You get close to the bed, find it cozy, you take the comfort of it in all swing(THE BEHAVIOR).

As you keep drowning yourself in its coziness, you hear a voice of a woman, the bed has started a conversation with you, you engage in a romantic talk. The more you talk, the more noisier the ambiance turns, with the sounds of horns, sirens and vehicles. Now, you are provoked, by the irritating sounds, that you blame your fate and the almighty for spoiling such a nice time you are having with the speaking bed (THE ATTITUDE).

Now, to your shock, the weird universe starts to flip and gain a angular momentum. The voice starts to fade, the bed starts to sink in the sandy ground, you try your best, to hold it from drowning rather running away from it(THE CHARACTER).

The universe, vibrates and shatters, as the noises from the ambiance goes wild; the ground cracks open, you hit a hard rock and lose your consciousness. To add catastrophe to chaos, you wake up on the floor, near your bed, inside your bedroom at your home.

The phone in your pocket is vibrating as the alarm dies off, the traffic seem to be at worse, as the noises through your open windows suggest. You move towards the window, shut them tight, the kind that reflects the sound waves, kissing it; you switch off your phone, get back to your bed and start crying as you force yourself to sleep again(THE PERSONALITY).

The Cozy Night

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It was on Wednesday evening last week.was formless in the house,i decided to try something i knew it could hardly happen.on my phone i called the king of the fun industry in Kenya,churchil.one thing that surprised me was the guy was so humble,which not very common with people of the class.after making the request,he said ge would call in a few minutes..back to my whatsapp conversation with a friend who was convincing me the reason he’s broke is because it was date 39th of January.i just gave up on him for i knew he was high on something,though got some sense in it.after a few minutes of impatience,my man(Churchill) called me.i had to hurry up everything to meet him early.In a few minutes,i was bragging and taking selfies around with him.Later remembered i should introduce myself before anything.Introducing myself as a dj,he jokingly said,”so should i replace deejay E with you?”all i could do was just laugh.As we were walking along kamiti road past Zimmerman,we met a man we all believed was insane.on his right hand,was a hard piece of metal close to half a metre long.on his left had was a few gazette pages…at that time,i was thinking of uploading the selfies on my social medias.unluckily,the hard stuff was striked on the back of my head.that was the last time i met Him.On looking my phone.it was almost 12:00 noon. hurriedly,i woke up and started preparing some breakfast.
Dj Royal D
Marshall foundation kenya



My first trip alone in Nairobi was to Ngong.Following the directions i was given,i just got to town and direct to the stage i was to board a matatu.As am a Music lover,i had to wait for one with “good” music.Possibly,its because they say music is food for the soul.After a few minutes,i got into one,i had an opportunity to update my Phone’s applications:)A few kilometers from town,my Instinct got over me.Next to me was a 40’s dad.”hey dad,are we almost to Ngong?”Sorry young man,the matatu is heading to Rongai.”in a deep voice,he replied.I had to think good,either to start by praying or asking back my bus fare.Of course the fare thing could only work in my dreams.Here now,the prayer works.Very fast,i was up,at the door waiting to get to the nearest stage to alight.Feeling demotivated,i got back to town.
Do you think am alone in this?there are a couple of young people there doing this.Don’t do anything because you have to do something.Identify your dream;set your goals;and that’s your home..The earlier you Board the right matatu the earlier you’ll get to your destination.Take what you’re created for.That is: Career wise
                    Talent wise
                     Love wise
Establish the identity of your passion.Determination is the key in here.do what you really love for you can do it at 0 cost rather than what you were forced to,or did because everyone expects you to be doing something.your perseverance and persistency will get you to the top.The power to keep going will conquer all
other obstacles. Combine that with the energy
and passion to see new ways around
challenges and you’ll achieve your goals.Learn to spend your time with people who got the same goal or one that marries. For success may be contagious at times..Be unique in your field!
Holding your uniqueness in high
regard is not ‘egotism.’ It’s a
necessary precondition to happiness
and success.Devote your time for those or rather what you love not that loves you.Humility can’t miss out in this.humble yourself and get a mentor to guide you in your field.Be real,accept  to be corrected.Embrace where you are and start from that point.

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Kenya has got a couple of talents we can’t deny.We had the opportunity to talk to Gabriel Masha Mramba,also known as Gabbuh Underscore who’s taking the music industry in storms.The talented man who’s by a look is hardly 30’s.He is from Mombasa but currently based in Nairobi,Kenya where he’s got a couple of business.basically,he’s ever busy.a real reflection of a go getter.


As they say,Melody first, my dear, and then the
lyrics.he’s got one of the best voice chords if i may say.which makes his music awesome.He does a genre which is flooded.Besides,he’s the fastest growing artist in the swahili rap.listen to one of his newest project with  Mellz CB,known as Bwana hip hop and you’ll attest.here it goes Bwana Hip Hop.


“I have got two cooking stuffs with Evo bliss which am releasing soon.”He said. “Currently working on a new track to be out this December.”he added.
He’s also got major collabos with “big artists” set for release January next year.Bar music,he has pursued journalism.He’s got the love of videography where he has worked with Ebru Africa TV as a studio/field cameraman.Gabbuh is also a professional actor.He has done in SECRETS and WEAKENED STRENGTH.
Basically,kenyan music is growing.




Dj chris stylus and PACO ENTERTAINMENT brings you the festive plan.one of the biggest events this year is here with you.This is a platform for all artists to showcase all their talent.they calls upon all the Djs,emcees,dancers,hype men,musicians and all other talents.


A couple of known artists also will be performing.come experience the effect of the fastest growing entertainment in Kenya.It will be happening this weekend on sunday 4th December,2016.It will also be tagged Dj Chris Stylus thanks giving party


PACO DEEJAYING COLLEGE also will have their graduation on that day.
Come experience the great event at Jamhuri highschool.the event will officially start at 9am.Entry is a cd(with a mix of your choice)which will be going at only Ksh100 per head.Come and showcase your talents.🔥🔥
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